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Tue 13 Nov 2018

Religion old decoy

Tags: god religion genius

Ramanunjan was a great Indian mathematician. He was a devout Hindu. He belived that Hindu goddess comes to his dreams to anwser his mathematical problems.

Ironically, the mentor of Ramanunjan was G. H. Harday was an atheist. Despite the religious differences, two really bonded together.

Adus Salam won the Nobel Prize for his work for Standard Model in physics. When asked for his inspiration, he said that Islam and Quran inspired him.

Ironically, the Nobel Prize was also shared by Steven Weinberg who came to the same conclusion. He famously said, “the more he looks at the universe, the more hopeless he feels”.

Newton was a devout Christian and was brillian physicist. But he also belived in alchmey. And he was wrong about the gravity.

Einstien was again briliant physicis who revolutionrize the idea of gravity in his work special theory of relativity and general theory of relativity. But he was wrong about quantum phsycis and he made mistakes predicting cosmolocial constant.

Abhay Ashtekar and Steven Hawkings are another brilliant physicist who are convinced athiest.

Religious people often condesend their audience by brilliant people who are beliver in God. However they ignore another set of brillian people who are convinced atheist.

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