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How to play Super Mario Odyssey on PC (Yuzu Emulator)

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Super Mario Odyssey is a 2017 video game has been voted as the one of the best Mario game ever made. The game is only available for Nitendo Switch. Luckily I end up playing the game on Windows nonetheless.

We need to download yuzu emulator. Follow the instructions to install it on Windows. First download and install Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable. Next download yuzu_install.exe.

If you get error, yuzu encryption keys are missing.

Fix: Download the prod file.

On Yuzu Windows -> Go to File -> Open Yuzu folder

Save the file under `keys` folder.

I am assuming that you already download the game in a NSP package. Open yuzu emulator and click on plus sign (Add new Game directory). Navigate to the game directory.

If you don’t have joystick, you might want to configure keyboard with yuzu emulator. Download Extract the zip file under Yuzu -> config -> input folder.

You can got Emulation -> configure -> Control and see the connect controller indicated in green color.

You can launch the game by clicking the game icon.

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