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Guide to Travel to Thailand

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Thailand has got a bad reputation for its seedy masssage parlors and go go bars. However it's a beautiful country with plenty of toursit attractions. Below is my snapshot of my travel to Thailand.

I wanted to get thai currency at IGI airport. There's Thomas Cook at Terminal 3. They require

  1. PAN card

  2. Passport

  3. Boarding pass

I couldn't use my US debit/credit cardss so had to use my local SBI debit card for the purchase. Sometimes ATMs at the IGI airport doesn't have cash, so plan accordingly.

On-visa arrival has a fee of ฿2200. You also need to give passport and fill an immigration form which needs

  1. One color passport sized photo

  2. Address staying in Thailand

I flew from IGI airport to Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK). Suvarnabhumi is a Sanskrit word which means land of gold. Below is the sculpture of Samudra Manthana at the airport.

Sanskrit seems to be liturgical language in Thailand just like for Hindus in India. Almost 90 % of its population are Bhuddist. I found many temples in Thailand with Sanskrit hymns written in Thai script


If you are phone allows eSIM, download the app airolo. Purchase a plan and activate it when you reach to Thailand. However there are physical SIMs available at the airport for purchase.

I really liked Grab which is a great app to book cabs, food, etc. There are other options like Bolt however it seems to work with cash only for me. Tuktuk in Thailand are supposed to be expensive so avoid it unless you really crave for the experiences.

If you are in Bangkok , I would really recommend this airbnb experience. You get to bike around the Bang Kachao, kayak and ride in a long-tail boat.

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