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Sat 26 Dec 2015

Guide to install Arch Linux

I finally divorced Windows soon after I fell in love with Linux. Ubuntu was my first love. I met her on Distrowatch. But she spoke no English. So I spent hours gawking at her sleaky terminal trying to learn her language, bash.

Soon I flirted with others; Mint came but reminded me of my ex, Fedora had a different yum, BSD couldn’t agree on my license, Debian was old schooled. Few months ago, I discovered grey hair on my head and decided to settle down. So I started looking for someone who was simple yet was elegant. Little did I know that I would stumble upon Arch Linux..

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Fri 20 Nov 2015

Quickly sort large file in linear time

Any deterministic general sorting algorithm has average case time complexity @L \Omega(n\log{}n) @L . However, certain sorting algorithm can run faster in @L O(n) @L but with limitation. Instead of comparision-based sort, each element is looked individually by its value. Radix sort is one fine example of integer sorting.

Suppose, we have large directory containing names of people in random order. The names need not be distinct. We need to sort the name in the ascending order. Also our algorithm should run in linear time. A sample of the input file is shown below...

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Sat 22 Aug 2015

Why people like Programming

Imagine a sunset, with a tired sun sinking over a meadow. The chirping of birds steals your attention as they return to their homes. And while the sun disappears, you sink back and relish your sourrounding.

Well the sunset is beautiful because it’s obvious to your eyes. Similarly programming is beautiful for those who enjoy it. Below is the poem which which eulogises lisp programming language, but it may be bland for those who have no experience with lisp...

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