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Dear Vishi, daily log on Aug 30, 2022

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Dear Vishi, this is my daily log on Aug 30, 2022.


Today I woke up around 6.30 AM. I decided to go to the tail for jogging. I feel running helps in lifting up the mood. According to this study 1, endocannabinoids molecules are released by body while running which help regulate your sleep, mood, appetite, memory and even reproduction and fertility.


Today I want to talk about Ted Williams who was begging and living on the streets of the US state of Ohio. However, he had a unique voice of a radio jockey. It's amazing how a viral video can sometime change fortune.

Ping Pong

I played ping pong today. I still have to learn to master spin while serving. Most corporate office have table tennis table. It's a great stress buster. I'll share a video of how difficult it is to return a pro table tennis serve.


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