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Mon 17 Jan 2022

Leetcode - Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters

In this leetcode problem, we’re asked to find the length of the longest string of characters in a provided string that does not contain repeating characters. In other words, in the string abcabcbb the longest substring without repeating characters is abc (with a length of 3)...

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Sun 16 Jan 2022

Debugging Spark Application Locally using remote container

One of the nifty feature in any code development is the ability to debug your application using break points. Submitting a Spark job while waiting for it to complete will waste a lot of time debugging. Spark jobs can be debugging with break points and step over and step into and step out commands...

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Fri 24 Dec 2021

Wild Marriage

“Marriages are made in heaven” is an old adage quite prevalent across all cultures. Whether heaven harbors any interest in the mortal affair has still scant empirical evidence. However, there is a rare marriage that not only invites heaven’s fury but also is consummated by mutual suicide...

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