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Dear Vishi, daily log on Jan 29, 2023

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Dear Vishi, this is my daily log for Jan 29, 2023.


When you do git status , sometimes you want to filter some result. For example if you dont want to see deleted files.

$ git status | grep -v deleted

Or filter multiple words

$ git status | grep -E -v 'deleted|modified'

Here -v is for invert-search & -E is for egrep. You can type man grep for more detail.


You can install dependencies and start the app

$ rm package-lock.json
$ npm install
$ npm start

To create dropdown you can use select.

return (
    onChange={e => setSelectedValue(}
    { => (
      <option key={option.value} value={option.value}>

Here , value is used to set the default selected value in the dropdown list when the component first renders. It is taken from the values object using the get function.

options is an array of objects that represents the dropdown list options. Each option object contains the text to be displayed in the list and its corresponding value. When the component is rendered, these options will be displayed as the available choices for the user to select from.

You can pass options as

const options = [
  { value: 'Option 1', label: 'Option 1' },
  { value: 'Option 2', label: 'Option 2' },
  { value: 'Option 3', label: 'Option 3' },

Guinea Pig food

I stopped at Petsmart today to buy pellets for piggies. Those little cute bastards are pooping volcanoes. They even poop in their sleep. It's one of the worst thing owning a guinea pig.

Brussel Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are not my favoruite food. Here's the recipe

  1. Cut the Sprouts in half and discard the stem.

  2. Pour olive oil over the sprouts in the tray with black pepper and salt.

  3. Heat oven with 425 temperature.

  4. Bake them for 20 minutes.


I played tennis in the morning. My serves keep hitting the net. I guess I need to work on my serves. I usually do continental serve but had to switch to pancake serves when I hit too many of them.

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