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Export DynamoDB Table to S3 Bucket Using Lambda Function

Tags: aws lambda function dynamodb s3

Dynamodb is a great NoSQL service by AWS. Often it's required to export data from the dynamodb table .

First, let us review our use case. Our lambda function will read from table from dynamodb and export JSON to s3.

Using boto3 resource

We can create a payload to test our lambda function

   "TableName": "DynamoDB_Table_name",
   "s3_bucket": "s3_bucket_name",
   "s3_object": "s3_object_name",
   "filename": "output.json"

However, sometimes we might encounter errors for certain values in DynamoDB.

TypeError: Object of type Decimal is not JSON serializable. 

We can use a JSONEncoder class to update our lamda function.

Using boto3 client

Another way to export data is to use boto3 client. It's a low level AWS services.

However boto3 client will generates dynamodb JSON. A simple python script to convert it back to normalized JSON using dynamodb_json library.

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