life is too short for a diary


Tags: poetry happiness

I walked miles on my feet and hope,
against all weather, people and slope,
But after some distance I could not keep,
enough pace as the way was steep.

I was already late not by months but years,
still I dragged my feet amidst all fears,
at night when the moon swept the tides away,
I dreamt of my past till sleep made me her prey.

Where was I up to ? What did I yearn?
for there are left enough experiences to earn,
I was no genius, king or noble soul,
But that never deter me to walk towards my goal.

Often in way people inquired about my way,
“There are better players than me”, all would say,
I must but forget since the goal is too high,
and I lacked the skills to fly to the sky.

It’s still early to lay to test,
my faith before I finally rest,
Only God knows if I could ever harvest,
the crop of happiness without remorse or pest

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