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Is Wikipedia bias?

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What’s the first link that google throws at you when you search anything? Wikipedia is always foremost search result that you encounter. When it comes to science and technology, Wikipedia often provides good foundation for the beginners. However when it comes to politics, Wikipedia often begins to falter.

Most of my assessment of Wikipedia comes from Indian context. But I do see similar accusation against Wikipedia in other countries.

Here’s a Wikipedia article of Kangana Ranaut, an Indian actress who leans toward right wing in ideologies.

Kangana Image

However, there’s another Wikipedia article of Swara Bhasker, also an Indian actress who leans toward left-wing ideologies. There’s no mention of her idealogies. Here’s a video of her raising commnist slogan, lal salam.

Lary Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, Wikipedia has become a “propaganda for the left-leaning establishment”1. So is Wikipedia unfair to right-wing idealogies?

When you visit any Wikipedia page, notice the protected badge on the top right page of wikipedia page. Some of the badge means that there’s conflicting opinion and page is locked against edits for a particular viewpoint. It’s therefore best to research those topics outside the realm of Wikipedia.

Kangana Image



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