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Issuelink With Jira

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Issue Links in Jira allow you to create meaningful relationships between different issues. These links help in maintaining traceability and provide a clear context for related work items.

Before creating a link, it's important to know what types of links are available in your Jira instance. You can retrieve this information using the following API endpoint:


This request will return a list of all available issue link types. The response will include entries like:

    "issueLinkTypes": [
            "name": "Relates",
            "inward": "relates to",
            "outward": "relates to"
            "name": "Report",
            "inward": "is report of",
            "outward": "has report"
        // ... other link types ...

For linking a Test Execution Report to a Test Plan, the "Report" link type is particularly relevant.

Once you've identified the appropriate link type, you can create the link between your Test Execution Report and Test Plan. Here's a Groovy script that demonstrates how to do this:

    def linkIssueToTestPlan(linkType, issueKey, testPlanKey) {

        def issueLink = ""

        def payload = """{
            "type": {
                "name": "$linkType"
            "inwardIssue": {
                "key": "$testPlanKey"
            "outwardIssue": {
                "key": "$issueKey"

            try {
                def response = sh(script: """
                    curl -s -u "\${JIRA_USER}:\${JIRA_TOKEN}" \
                    -X POST \
                    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
                    "${issueLink}" \
                    -d '${JsonOutput.toJson(payload)}'
                """, returnStdout: true).trim()
                println "Link created successfully: ${response}"
            } catch(error) {
                error("Error occurred while linking issue to test plan: ${error.getMessage()}")

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