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Pandas inner join on dataframes

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Performing inner join on pandas dataframe is straightforward. However I wanted to override values from the right dataframe.

Let us assume we have two dataframes as

import pandas as pd

df1_data = [[1, 'apple'], [2, 'orange'], ['3', 'lemon']]   
df1_df = pd.DataFrame(df1_data, columns = ['id', 'fruit']) 

df2_data = [[1, 'guava'], [2, 'orange'], ['4', 'jackfruit']]
df2_df = pd.DataFrame(df2_data, columns = ['id', 'fruit'])

We can visualize these dataframes as

Pandas Inner Join

Cast column id as integer

df1_df['id'] = df1_df['id'].astype(int)
df2_df['id'] = df2_df['id'].astype(int)

We can perform a simple inner join on key id

df1_df.merge(df2_df, on='id', how='inner')
Pandas Inner Join

Since we need to retain right column , so we can rename columns from the left with suffix as dup

df = df1_df.merge(df2_df, on='id', how='inner', suffixes =('_dup', ''))
Pandas Inner Join

We can drop rows where fruit_dup is not equal to fruit column since we are only interested in differences.

df = df[df['fruit_dup'] != df['fruit']]
Pandas Inner Join

Lastly we can drop the _dup column

del df['fruit_dup']

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