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Wed 08 May 2019

Red Queen Race

When I was a kid, I was perturbed at the outbreaks of new diseases. There was no Swine Flue before twenty first century or HIV before tenth century. Why nature was hell-bent in pulling diseases out of a hat everytime humans make progress in science?

Naively I belived that new diseases were nature's way of pushing against human's advancement in science. Nature had to ensure that human's dont overflow the planet. I belived in Rita (Sanskrit ṛta ), a cosmic order of the universe. The wheel of dharma(duty) & karma (accumulated effects of good and bad actions) somehow illusioned to maintain harmony in the world. But evolution shattered my perception of reality...

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Thu 20 Dec 2018

Decoding ndtv darwin's theory debate

I wanted to decode an old debate 1 that I saw on ndtv. It was about a controversy erupted by the comments of a junior Indian education minister, Satyapal Singh. He is India's Minister of State for Human Resource Development. He had claimed that evolution is "scientifically wrong" because he never "saw an ape turning into human being".

How does he claim evolution is "scientifically wrong"? Does the said minister have a degree in biology or have published a paper that can be peer reviewed? On the contrary, he had a career of Police Commisioner of Mumbai...

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