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Navigating Buffers in LunarVim

Lunarvim is a powerful tool that can enhance productivity for advanced software engineers. One feature that is particularly useful for working with multiple files is `vsplit` and `telescope`. However, it can become cumbersome to navigate between files using a mouse. ..

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Neovim Setup with LunarVim

I am an ardent `vim` user. A forked version of vim called `neovim` recently caught my attention. It has more features like support for `language server protocol` that provides `auto-complete`, etc. `LunarVim` provides neovim configuration files so that it behaves as an IDE...

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How ViM Saved My Day

It was just another day in Gurgaon. The hot scorching sun was parading the city. The inescapable life of riding with the autowalas is the common sight of this concrete jungle. Though I am a FOSS enthusiast, my first job landed me to just another India's IT company. I vividly remember the countless occasions when ViM saved my day...

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