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Apply Discount To Prices leetcode solution

Tags: leetcode java python string

A sentence is a string of single-space separated words where each word can contain digits, lowercase letters, and the dollar sign '$'. A word represents a price if it is a sequence of digits preceded by a dollar sign.

For example, "$100", "$23", and "$6" represent prices while "100", "$", and "$1e5" do not.

You are given a string sentence representing a sentence and an integer discount. For each word representing a price, apply a discount of discount% on the price and update the word in the sentence. All updated prices should be represented with exactly two decimal places.

Return a string representing the modified sentence.

Note that all prices will contain at most 10 digits.


  1. Split the string by whitespaces
  2. For each string, apply discount only if it starts with '$' and is numeric.
  3. Merge the string array into a string and return it.
Explanation of apply discount


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