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Playing Rise of Tomb Raider

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I am an ardent fan of Tomb Raider game series. I grew up falling in love with Tomb Raider III. Much time swept away since I have tried any other game of this series. So finally I decided to try my hands on Rise of Tomb Raider.

Currently Rise of Tomb Raider has a rating of 9 / 10 on Stream. Below is the short video of the gameplay.

So far I am enjoying the game. Not only I am enomored of the game mechanics, but the background music is spot on to infuse thrill. Music stimulates both psychological mood and physiological changes including heart rate and breathing. Below is the soundtrack of "Whispers in the Dark" used in the game.

Since I do not have the luxury of time, I prefer to play it on weekends. Honestly I had a crush on Lara Croft when I was in my adolescence. I think the infatuation is still there.

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