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Fizz up with carbonated water

Tags: health drinks

As I was walking down the aisle of a food mart, I was consumed with guilt about whether or not to buy a large can of coke. My waist is competing with inflation as both refused to halt their progress. I have thrown my weighing machine in the thrash as she refuses to lie at least once about my weight.

According to American Herat Associate (AHA), the human body does not need any additional sugar to function healthily. So taking consuming any additional sugar is futile. Also, sugar drinks increase the risk of many diseases like diabetes, colorectal cancer, etc.

However, humans are not programmed to ignore their tastes. Luckily my eyes stumbled upon sparkling water. What the hell is that? I took it home for the experience.

A little bit of googling made me feel like a genius. So I decided to call my mother and told her about the carbonated water.

I had no answer. So I told my mom that I will call back. I tried reading more and called my mom again.

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