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Lost Friends

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Today I walked a little further,
further than yesterday.
while my feet ache and plead,
I dragged 'em without paying any heed.

Lost in thoughts of wilderness,
Caged in the civilization of life.
I often stray away from a well-beaten path,
only to invite a flury of ridicule and wrath.

Sometimes I have a urge to pause,
To glance over my shoulders,
spot silhouettes of old friends,
waiting to animate to make amend.

Like an irreversible arrow of time,
Aging sucks memories into oblivion,
While the clock’s hand marches ahead,
it obliterates lost friends and words unsaid.

Supernova is an epitaph of a dying star,
For it has splendid quanity of fuel to squander,
Since I am too poor to afford a grandeur farewell,
hope my lost friends still harbour my memories well.

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