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Remove-all-adjacent-duplicates-in-string-ii Solution

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Problem Statement

You are given a string s and an integer k, a k duplicate removal consists of choosing k adjacent and equal letters from s and removing them, causing the left and the right side of the deleted substring to concatenate together.

We repeatedly make k duplicate removals on s until we no longer can.

Return the final string after all such duplicate removals have been made. It is guaranteed that the answer is unique1.

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Example 1

Input: s = "abcd", k = 2
Output: "abcd"
Explanation: There's nothing to delete.

Example 2

Input: s = "deeedbbcccbdaa", k = 3
Output: "aa"
First delete "eee" and "ccc", get "ddbbbdaa"
Then delete "bbb", get "dddaa"
Finally delete "ddd", get "aa"

Example 3

Input: s = "pbbcggttciiippooaais", k = 2
Output: "ps"



  1. Use a stack and store a pair of character and its count.
  2. Update the count of character if its adjacent.
  3. If the count equals to the value of k then remove the character.
  4. Iterate over the stack to generate the output string.

For example for Input: s = "deeedbbcccbdaa", k = 3.

stack operation



Time Complexity: O(N).

Space Complexity: O(N).

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