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Weekly Logs from Feb 5 to Feb 11

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Dear Vishi, this is my weekly logs from Feb 5 to Feb 11, 2024.

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Gradle Cache

I was testing if the gradle cache pod I deployed was successful or not. So a Makefile is convenient way to test different endpoints

    @echo "Pinging $(url):5071"
    @curl -sw '\n' --fail-with-body --show-error

And then you can test it like

$ make ping url=http://localhost
$ make ping url=http://some/server


To locate your Gradle installation, you can use the where command:

$ where gradle

Inspect the symbolic link to find the current Gradle location:

$ ls -l /opt/homebrew/bin/gradle 
/opt/homebrew/bin/gradle -> ../Cellar/gradle/8.5/bin/gradle

To manually update Gradle, download the new Gradle version and move it to the location found above. For example, if /path/to/new/gradle is the location of your downloaded Gradle folder:

$ mv /path/to/new/gradle ../Cellar/gradle/8.5/bin/gradle


On Mac you can convert heic images to jpg format

$ brew install imagemagick
$ magick convert foo.HEIC foo.jpg

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