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Weekly Logs from Jan 29 to Feb 4, 2024

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Dear Vishi, this is my weekly logs from Jan 29 to Feb 4, 2024.

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Jan 31, 2024

At a casual lunch, my colleague told me an intriguing story of "Typhoid Mary". Mary Mallon was an Irish immigrant who worked as cook in the United States during the early 20th century. Many of those who ate her meals, fell ill yet she remained unaffected.

Mary was a carrier of Salmonella typhi, the bacterium responsible for typhoid fever, hence the moniker "Typhoid Mary." She was a asymptomatic carrier. This means that although she carried the bacteria and could transmit it to others, she did not exhibit any symptoms of the disease herself.

Mary Mallon's saga took a dramatic turn when she was arrested and quarantined by the health authorities. However, she contested her confinement and was eventually released on the condition that she would not return to her previous profession. Unfortunately, Mary violated this agreement and resumed her work as a cook, which led to further outbreaks of typhoid fever.

Why do some people are asymptomatic and some are not? Even with SARS-CoV-2, some people remained asymptomatic.

Feb 2, 2024

What's the difference between virtual machine and docker?

Virtual Machine includes a full fledged Operating System (OS) that runs on a software layer that manages resources called hypervisor.

Docker on other hand, share the host machine's kernel but operate in isolated user space. Docker relies on on lightweight images that include only the necessary components, resulting in faster deployment and more efficient utilization.

Feb 3, 2024


If I say,

tu me partiste el corozon

It means you broke my heart. But If I have to say like

tu me rompiste me vaso

"Rompiste" is specifically used for breaking in the sense of shattering or damaging something, like a glass. On the other hand, "partiste" is more commonly used for breaking in an emotional or figurative sense, such as breaking someone's heart.


I got this error today:

ERROR:root:Message: session not created: This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version 114
Current browser version is 121.0.6167.139 with binary path /Applications/Google Chrome

Solution is to go to Google Chrome Labs and download chromedriver based on your platform.

On Mac

$ where chromedriver
$ sudo mv downloaded/chromedriver /usr/local/bin/chromedriver


Malaysian passport bears the inscription "This passport is valid for all countries except Israel". This reminded me of Pakistan has similar inscription on its passport, "This passport is valid for all countries of the world except Israel".

Israel doesn't have diplotmatic relations with either Malaysia or Pakistan. The conflict of Israel-Palestine has significantly affected the sentiments of Muslim majority in both Malaysia and Pakistan.

Also, Bangladesh doesn't recognize Israel. In Nov 2003, Bangladeshi journalist Salah Choudhury was arrested for attempting to fly to Tel Aviv to attend a seminar and was booked for "sedition, treason and blasphemy".

Feb 4, 2024

Sublime Text

On Mac , if you want to open submlime text via command line :

$ sudo ln -s /Applications/Sublime\ /usr/local/bin/.
$ subl . 

Reading Quantitative Finance with Python by Chris Kelliher

Difference between futures and options. With a future contract, you are obligated to buy/sell that asset at later date. It's like pre-ordering something at a fixed price, no matter how the actual market price changes.

Options contracts gives you a right rather than a obligation whether to buy/sell that asset in future. But you pay a fee for that choice. If you select not to buy/sell that item, you lose that fee.

With Options, a call options is like having the right to buy and a put option is a right to sell.

The payoff for a call option is

C = max(ST - K, 0)

P = max(K - ST, 0)

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