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The Irony of Faith and Science

As we gaze into the dark sky, captivated by the sparkling stars, we often find ourselves contemplating the deeper meaning of life and the existence of a higher power. The question of whether God is a mere human construct or if our existence holds merit in the vast realm of the universe remains..

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Young Earth Creationism

I stumbled upon a youtube video of Georgia Purdom, an American biologist and young Earth creationist. As a biologist, how can one reject the theory of evolution, the very foundation of the field?..

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Demon Haunted World's review part 1

This is my Part 1 of the review of Carl Sagan's book, Demon-Haunted World. This is more of my commentary rather than a review of the book.

I have begun to realize how many posts on Facebook, Whatsapp, etc contains pseudoscience and misinformation. Few posts are easy to debunk. Magic water curing cancer is a no-brainer. However other posts are too meticulous to debunk. I thought it might be fruitful for me as a layman to learn critical & skeptical thinking from a famous astrophysicist, Carl Sagan...

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Idea of God

I was lying around on a secluded meadow. Under the open sky I gazed at the clouds scudding by. Suddenly it seemed that I was drifting away. A scathing sound began to wreak the whole place. And the mischievous alarm pulled me out of my dreams...

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