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Sun 23 May 2021

Dear Vishi, is there a time machine?

Did you remember we watched The Time Machine movie together? The protagonist loses his fiancée when a mugger kills her. He then builds a time machine to travel back in time to save her. Of course multiple movies have been made romanticizing the concept of time machine.

I am not sure if the laws of physics allow time travel. There’s no scientific consensus if time travel is possible in theory. Even if it was possible in theory, it might take aeons before humans could master this concept. However there’s one time machine you see everyday...

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Sat 22 May 2021

Dear Vishi, can you mix Covid Vaccine?

Today the sleep was better. Yesterday I was sleep deprived. Hunger is the best ingredient to make any food delicious. Likewise a sound sleep is like a `manna from heaven` for me.

I hope you are spending time honing SQL skills. I hope you are making some progress in the online course at Educative.io. There’s also another resource SQLZoo that has some fun exercise that you can explore. Next week we can take a SQL quiz together to see how well we fare against each other...

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Fri 21 May 2021

Dear Vishi, do you know about Virginia?

I didn't have proper sleep today. I could barely keep my eyes open. Empty stomach and a heavy mind is a disaster for sound sleep. Yesterday I was brooding too much while trying to sleep. I guess I need to filter noises in my mind. Proper sleep is the basic physiological need in Maslow's pyramid. I guess it's a blessed day not to have a insomnia.

I am beginning to practice meditation. Though I am not a religous person, I reckon meditation is a good practice to adopt from my religion. I like the babbling sound of the water while I meditate. Today I meditated for 15 minutes...

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