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Sun 07 Feb 2016

A random stranger

It was just another day in Bangalore. I caught the bus from the Kormangala bus depot. Amid exhausting heat & nudging elbows, I somehow managed to grab a seat in the bus. Securing a seat in the Indian bus during peak time is considered a fortune. This often attracts resentful eyes. However my Indian genes have made me immune to both pani puri & judgment.

If you are lucky, you could get a window seat. This saves you from claustrophobia of the overcrowded isles. And today was my lucky day. I happily slumped down into my seat and peeped out of my window catching some glimpse of just another life on just another Indian road...

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Thu 14 Jan 2016

Get all GET and POST requests using tshark

Browsers have made browsing insanely easy. Toolbar fetches webpage magically. However, under the hood, lots of requests are exchanged. These requests are based on REST architecture.

What is REST? REST is REpresentational State Transfer. Loosely speaking it defines how resources are exchanged based on item of request. Two most common HTTP Request Methods are POST and GET. Using tshark, we can see the headers exchange as you browse the web...

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Sat 26 Dec 2015

Guide to install Arch Linux

I finally divorced Windows soon after I fell in love with Linux. Ubuntu was my first love. I met her on Distrowatch. But she spoke no English. So I spent hours gawking at her sleaky terminal trying to learn her language, bash.

Soon I flirted with others; Mint came but reminded me of my ex, Fedora had a different yum, BSD couldn’t agree on my license, Debian was old schooled. Few months ago, I discovered grey hair on my head and decided to settle down. So I started looking for someone who was simple yet was elegant. Little did I know that I would stumble upon Arch Linux..

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