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Sun 08 Mar 2015

Shooting the Messenger

"India’s Daughter”, a documentary on Gang rape of 2012 has been officially banned. The Indian government went all gun to arrest the release of the documentary in India & abroad. BBC, Google, Youtube have all been sent legal notices to comply with the government’s diktat. Congratulations! We have shown the world that we will silence anything that will make us uncomfortable.

Leslee Udwin, the maker of the documentary, has flown out of India citing her security. In an interview to BBC, she said, “But I’m not muzzled. Nor will I be muzzled”. India’s Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, was furious & sought report from Tihar’s jail authorities on how the Nirbhaya’s rape accused had given a controversial interview to BBC. “This is an international conspiracy to defame India. We will see how the film can be stopped abroad too”, said parliamentary affairs minister M. Venkaiah Naidu...

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Sun 04 May 2014

Digging on the codes of the Past

Different religion tells us about plethora of beautiful tales about the genesis of humans. We humans, like any other trivial species, descended not from heaven (sigh!) but due to mitosis in single cell organisms.

Such a long odysseys of humans is replete with footprints of the past. In these footprints we try to decipher bits and pieces of lives of our ancestors.While the universe is pretty old (3.7987 billion years and counting), it has been only few million years since the chapter of humans commenced. We had come a long way since...

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Sun 30 Mar 2014

Romance with Moon

Often we meet,
Avoiding prying eyes secretly,
In between stretches a velvet sky,
Only gulf in between us apparently.

High tides doth comes,
As she tries approaching me,
And sweeps the earth below,
Posing as the one, only she could be.

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