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Find kth largest element in an array

The other day I stumble upon the question to find the kth largest element in the array. At first glance, I thought the solution was trivial. But later I thought that there are multiple ways to achieve efficient solution...

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A random stranger

It was just another day in Bangalore. I caught the bus from the /Kormangala bus depot. Amid exhausting heat & nudging elbows, I somehow managed to grab a seat in the bus. Securing a seat in the Indian bus during peak time is considered a fortune. This often attracts resentful eyes. However my Indian genes have made me immune to both pani puri & judgment...

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Setup php on Mac OS X localhost

Users with the newest versions of Mac OS X (Mountain Lion or later) no longer see the option of web sharing in System Preferences->Sharing. If you are a web developer / designer, you might find this change unpleasant. However Mac OS X still includes Apache HTTP version.

Testing web sites on your personal computer is indispensable for web developers / designers. Enabling php on Mac OX S is plain and easy. ..

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