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Neovim Setup with LunarVim

I am an ardent vim user. A forked version of vim called neovim recently caught my attention. It has more features like support for language server protocol that provides auto-complete, etc. LunarVim provides neovim configuration files so that it behaves as an IDE...

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Fix WSL2 internet connection while on VPN

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2) provides native Linux environment for Windows. It’s great alternative to cygwin which can’t run native Linux apps. However WSL2 doesn’t have out-of-box connectivity with internet once you connect with vpn...

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Do you have triskaidekaphobia?

I grew up in India with a diet of basmati rice and superstition. I have seen pedestrians freezing at the sight of a black cat crossing their path for fear of bad luck. Lemon and chilis hang in front of vehicles to ward off bad spirits. I fondly remember numerous advertisements proclaiming protection from evil eyes. Recently I stumbled upon an ad that refreshed my memories...

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