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Quickly sort large file in linear time

Any deterministic general sorting algorithm has average case time complexity O(nlogn) . However, certain sorting algorithm can run faster in O(n) but with limitation. Instead of comparision-based sort, each element is looked individually by its value. Radix sort is one fine example of integer sorting...

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Why people like Programming

Imagine a sunset, with a tired sun sinking over a meadow. The chirping of birds steals your attention as they return to their homes. And while the sun disappears, you sink back and relish your sourrounding...

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Protect Your Privacy

“If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear”. This is the most common retort used by governments to espouse Mass surveillance. They do it in the pretext of security. But even if you’re not a fugitive, you have the right to protect your privacy...

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